You and the Astrology of 2022

We are One. We breathe as One. Our hearts beat as One. You are unique but an important part of this world. These words make us feel special but also rise big issues at a collective level of what means to be "one". How comfortable do you feel with this idea and how you can play your role in the best way to feel complete within a world of many? 

Pluto, the planet of power, regeneration and deep transformation is at its last meters of the marathon journey into Capricorn sign. Transformation occurs from earth to air. Old systems are breaking down, making way for new ones that are more aligned with the new airy age of Aquarius.

We are at the gates into a new face of Humanity. This it is shown in astrology by the Pluto/Saturn, Pluto/Jupiter and Jupiter/Saturn big conjunctions. In 2022, the struggle continues between old and new ways of life shown by the Saturn/Uranus square.

The area of your birth chart where you have these energies will give you a clue on where you will ultimately need to renovate and make changes.

Next year, the most important event is the Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces conjunction on 12th April 2022. It is a once in a lifetime event and is the first one happening in the sign of Pisces since 1856. in the next many years, we can expect virtual reality replacing real one and methods for expansion of our consciousness like never before. 

Important transits 2022 

The year starts with Venus retrograde until the end of January, shaking up relationships and our own system of values. 

Mercury retrogrades four times in 2022, longer than usual so we can expect the same issues from 2021 coming back again and again for evaluation. Mark down the Mercury retrograde periods and remember that the positive manifestation of this transit is to simply take more time to pause and reevaluate : 

  1. 14th January to 03rd February 
  2. 10th May to 3rd June 
  3. 09th September to 02nd October 
  4. 29th December to 18th of January 2023. 

Another important event in January 2022 is the shift of the Nodal axis to Taurus/Scorpio signs. The best quote that describes this energy is : " you work on your stuff or your stuff works on you". The South Node in Scorpio is connected with unresolved karma while the North Node in Taurus is the "medicine" for our souls. Between now and 2023, we all as Humanity will need to heal the Scorpio energies, release what is not longer working, heal and regenerate. 

At a personal level, looking at your birth chart where you have the two signs will tell you where, at the end of year, you will be in a more peaceful ( Taurus ) place if you transform ( Scorpio ). 

There are also four eclipses happening in 2022 and all also connected with the Taurus/Scorpio theme. 

If you would like to see how the planetary movement is influencing your life, I welcome you to join a private session for discussing your most important transits for 2022. Please see more details below :