New Moon in Scorpio, 4th of November

New Moon in Scorpio, 04th November, 21:14 GMT , 13° Scorpio

“An inventor performs a laboratory experiment”. 

“There are no life mistakes, only life experiences” 


We can feel that are some parts of our life in which we need to experiment with new solutions as, through the new breakthroughs, we will find unexpected or innovative pathways that will make new approaches to life fulfilling.

As the Scorpio New Moon is a foreshadowing of the events occurring in 2022, it encourages to give it a go to a new path in our life. The final result will not be seen but, hey, this is just the start of a new journey. Important is to try, once the events are unfolding, you will learn what should be the next thing to do.

The Sun and Moon are close together in Scorpio and the area of your birth chart where you have Scorpio will be into focus next week and also will set up the tone for what needs to be changed during 2022. This lunation is opposing Uranus, the planet of unexpected, innovation and out-of-the-box ideas = disruptions are possible that lead to decisions where something became stuck. Ultimately, the changes will lead to a new sense of freedom.

Slow down. Mars is in Scorpio and squares Saturn in Aquarius. It is like you are driving a car with full power and energy but a strange person or event for some reason keeps your hand-break on. So, if you try to drive in the same old way you are used to, the chances are that life will force you to a new approach. Instead, imagine that you have a weird situation that requires open-mind and acceptance of new ways of “driving” life. And, maybe like this, you will find yourself enjoying the ride - maybe falling in love with the weirdo that keeps the break- on and thanks the Universe for this situation! Or, maybe you just find that moving more slowly in this part of your life is the best thing that can happen to you. The idea is “to mix and match” new possibilities.


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Well, it is your season, Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio is seating at the door of a new chapter of your life – do you feel its power? It reminded me of the lyrics from that song: “The dog days are over/The dog days are done/Can you hear the horses? / Cause here they come”. The new situation brings a big step in making a decision or it can make you feel that you need to make a choice or more. The Scorpio New Moon is guiding to trust your emotions and act on them, completely trust those icky feelings you are having about something or someone.

What is the new image you want to show to the world and what do you want to start remodelling in your life with a new possible outcome in 6 months from now on?

Sagittarius – experimenting the New Moon energy can hold the best place for you at a meditation retreat, yoga class or …in the privacy of your home apart from the world’s eyes. Try new approaches with the way you want to work with projects behind the scenes, with dealing with problems that are shared only in your intimate circle. Expect insights through dreams and spent more time doing nothing or…taking a nap. A new sense of inner peace is the pot of gold at the end of this New Moon rainbow.

Capricorn  - some friendships do get to a point when they are not what they used to be, right? Somehow this New Moon can make you more aware of new adjustments to approach your communities, social groups, friendships dynamics. Try new approaches in your social group and mingle with a new group of friends. It is also a good time to envision new dreams for your life.

Aquarius – your career is in the spotlight. For now and in the upcoming period, new developments may happen at your work place. But everything depends on being open to change, taking calculating risks for a new direction and planning step by step. How worthy do you feel right now about your power to make a contribution to your work will be reflected in the changes that you are prepared to take.

Pisces – moving to another country or staying? You ca feel a sense of getting rid of restriction in the way that you want to move, to explore your own interest, to read that book that really interest you. You will need to attend to your responsibilities of daily life while maybe choosing an escape weekend just for yourself. Trust your intuition, Pisces. Trust what your heart is saying and start to plan your big dreams, now you have the eagle eye gift to see the big picture of your next life steps.

Aries – with Sun, Moon and Mars in your 8th house, sorrow is your counsellor.  It is not the actual death but how you deal with your own healing journey from birth to rebirth every second of your life knowing that everything is always changing. Uranus encourages you to try alternative healing approaches and the square to Saturn is suggesting starting fresh a wise financial plan. Wise as street- wise, follow your surviving instinct smell.

Taurus – well, New Moon is a fresh start in your relationship zone. Whatever is not working, now needs un upgrade but, as we are entering the eclipse season, things are not to be taken too fast. Express your desires in relationships and try to assert them with consideration to your most significant others needs.

Gemini – November invites to do a an " autumn clean - up ". Establish new healthy routines, take care of your social commitments but, because the energies are "eclipsed", try to bring the volume button down to your calendar. Try to take as many breaks as possible and experience with a new healthy routine.

Cancer – this New Moon remember to open your heart, expect the unexpected and that nothing is long lasting. Keep your head and your heart your benefit. How can you use the best your creative potential? How can you deal in a different way with it which is more life fullfulling? November invites you to find new ways in having fun with your children, creations and zest of life. 

Leo –  the New Moon plants seeds for a new home, can be an unexpected event that actually is going to lead you to a place in your home life more close to your dreams. Try a  weird arrangement of the furniture and see how you feel! Or if you just paint a wall in pink? A good time to break down the family conventions and express to them what gives you a sense of security with them and the place that you live in.

Virgo – siblings are requiring your attention as well as your daily life seems busy, busy, busy. Take more time out in the next two weeks not to burn out. The New Moon is a good time to start a new course, to learn a new language, to attend to anything that enriches your knowledge. Communication problems are a sign that you need to change the way you express your point of view to be more aligned with your inner voice. 

Libra – time to take new action that way you earn your own values or expect possible surprises in your collaborative teams. Also, what are your spending habits? What do you want to create new so you can earn an income in collaboration with others that gives more financial independence? Changes in the way that you gain resources are possible so make the most of the assets by finding new ways of having a quality life or through new collaborations. The present ones came to a stale and a new pot of gold is waiting as you cultivate a new plan for financial freedom.