Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Karmic release

Total Solar Eclipse. Sagittarius. 12deg 22´ 

KEYNOTES : Purging the Past. Faith. Developing Intuition. New beginnings. 

" You don't heal some things, you just start living in spite of their presence which is when they heal themselves". 

The Sabian Symbol of the Eclipse is > " A widow's past is brought to light ". 

That is a story or a situation from the "Past" that is finally being revealed. As the symbol pictures a "widow", often there is a feeling that the situation is one with long history or rather old in some way.

Dwelling on the issues from the past can supress the joy of the moment. However, healing occurs by things being revealed, casting new light on old situations ( that Pandora box in everyone's life that nobody wants to open, heh? ). Going over matters from the past, understanding and healing takes place. * this I feel will be theme of December with Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto * 

The Solar Eclipse helps us to get rid of yesterday's darkeness so we can let go and start with fresh new, more wise attitudes. 

New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are on the same side of the Earth. Total Solar Eclipse happens when the Nodes of the Moon are part of the new moon dance with the Sun. Nodes represent karma ( past self ) and dharma ( future self). Therefore the time of the eclipse seems fated and very powerful at individual and collective levels for big endings and new starts.

What is the fabric of your reality right Now?

Venus/Pluto retrograde dance in Capricorn will be the scene of December. Dependencies are questioned and new ways of relating are reprogrammed. 

What are your values Now? What not longer serves you and for what are you ready? 

Let big ideas take flight and have faith in the process!