Unaspected Venus in the birth chart

Intercepted Venus in your natal chart

„If you keep a green bough in your heart, the singing bird will come” Chinese proverb

Intercepted planets describe energies locked in a house with lost keys ... when Venus the planet of Love, of values shared in relationships intercepts. Real needs for love and affection, to grow, to gain wisdom and knowledge are not recognized by other.

But what can one do to find the door keys to Venus hidden secrets? The Universe is wise and the answer comes only depending on the understanding gained by reaching different levels of awareness. Venus unaspected means also that her powers for self- expression leaves on her own devices. Pure freedom! For sure, on a primary level of awareness, she loves to act wild and unrestricted by conventions.  On this realm, Venus can go scatter her the energies or ... not act at all. 

To live with equanimity is one of the requirements of having a Venus intercepted! Using the alchemical process, has the power to transform in love for the other that comes as a reflection of self-love.

The key to the door of a Venus intercepted is only in her own heart and is her greatest gift .  „When we use clay to make a pot it is the hollow space that makes it a pot. Doors and windows in a house function through this emptiness. Thus we are using what is not to help us use what is.” Bibliography Alice O’Howell, The Web in the Sea Joanne Wickenburg Your Hidden Powers, Intercepted Signs and Retrograde Planets