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Choose the right package for your team! 

This Astrology workshop is designed for team bonding through the language of Astrology. 

In this session, we will be focusing on how you blend as a Team and giving insights into your personal qualities and potential shown by the Map. 

We will start with an interactive fun introduction explaining, through using imagery, how to have your own story of the chart. 

Then, we will look at the structure of your individual natal charts shared on the screen, one by one. I will explain how to understand your map in simple easy-to-learn steps. 

The workshop is designed for teams of up to 12 people. For larger groups please contact me to find a solution together,

After booking, please write to me a list with the birthday details of each team member ( name, year, month, day, hour/minute, and location).

Looking forward to e-meeting you!



Workshop package 1/ 4 participants
  • $220.00
Workshop package 3 / group of 12 people
  • $480.00
Workshop package 2 / 5 to 10 participants
  • $500.00