Astrology Age progression workshop

An astrological age progression workshop is a tool for self-awareness used in Astrological Psychology.
It is a method that allows you to gain perspective about your life by getting to know the age technique on how to read your birth chart.

In this 2 hours astrological workshop we will dive into:
- the age progression in your birth map and how to be better prepared to recognize and make the best of the energies available at different times of your life.
- in the first part we will explore the theory behind interpreting age progression so you can link it to your personal life experience
- in the second part we will work with examples of the participants birth maps.

In preparation for the workshop, you will need to provide your birthday details ( if you wish, for a matter of privacy your birth map will not be displayed ).

At the end of this workshop, you will receive your birth map, a graphic with age progression and a list of energies throughout your life.

You can attend live or you can purchase the recording, which will be available after the workshop.

The investment is 45$.

Register here :