Complete Astrology Reading 3 meetings


$244.00 per person


About this experience

The complete birthday reading includes a set of three readings, one/month in which we discover the fullest potential of your energies shown by the birth map. 

Astrology is more than knowing the 12 zodiacal signs. It is much more than the usual horoscope column. It is a tool for self - understanding and a useful guide that can accompany any therapy session.

If you are struggling with negative patterns in your personal life, Astrology is a helpful adiacent subject to your already on-going therapy sessions. 

With a background in Psychological Astrology and with an experience of reading hundreds of birth charts, I feel called to share with you my knowledge in a therapeutical way. 

Journey with me in a 3-sessions transition through all aspects of your birth chart. 


The Program

- general introduction into the basics of your birth chart 

- working with the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in your map 

- discover Saturn, Pluto, Uranus cycles  

- working with the cycles of the planets in different periods of your life 

- symbolism of Chiron 

- discovering the unconscious map and karmic energies 

- family dynamic and your connection with ancestors 


Duration : 60 minutes / meeting 

The meetings will be held online through Zoom. You will receive a Zoom link with the available calendar to pick up the days/times.