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Astrology and my theory of looking at the Universe

Updated: Oct 22

The farther you look into the dark space with a telescope, the image that comes back to our visual already happened. It is in the past, you are seeing in that present a second something that happened a long time ago.

Therefore, the more you look into the distant future, the more what you see is the past.

But time is relative because the future, that moment of looking, is your present. There is nothing in the future. When we speak about the future, we speak about something that already happened. Déjà vu? Coincidences? Dreams that do come true?

So, the question arises – can you change the future? If the future is present already happening? You can say, not so much. Because you are just an observer, caught up in the movement of the planets at any given time.

And here comes my favorite solution – free will. This is the big question astrologers have raised since the beginning of time and more and more lately: fate or free will, which one dictates our life?

I believe that you can change the future and go out of the predetermined reality of the mind. To step out from being an observer but the one who is doing the action.

And to be the doer, you will need to set yourself up in a new reality of your mind. To create new neurological paths. To change the narrative. To change the mind circuits.

Like, in the movie – Everything, everywhere, all at Once” – you can choose another version of yourself.

Probably with the entrance of Pluto in Aquarius and the new AI developments– you will discover that you are an infinite being, and you have infinite versions! You can multiply.

A new planet will be discovered as always new planets enter into our field of awakened awareness when major events occur. The next planet will probably change its shape and form so can be a multitude of planets. Maybe is one that encompasses all there is.

The Copernican revolution probably will be surpassed by a new revolution of seeing reality – one in which the Earth not only is round but is “Earth number 1” … in this new reality, there are infinite Earth and infinite Universes.

So, then, I start to ask myself – astrology will stop working? More and more people will understand that they can shape their reality regardless of their predetermined birth map alignment. Because this is just a frame of reality! Probably Astrology will be used to choose different frames of reality or, who knows, the newly discovered planet will change the way we use astrology overall.

My mission is to bring awareness to the benefit of seeing yourself as the Creator of your own life. That you can be anything you want as long as you are aware of your freedom to change your narrative.

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