Full Moon in Gemini 19th December. A second chance.

SIGNATURE : Full Moon in Gemini. Sun in Sagittarius. Moon trine Jupiter. Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn and Chiron direct in Aries. 

"It is no disgrace to start all over. It is usually an opportunity. " 

The most important event of this Full Moon is that Venus begins Her retrograde journey in the Evening sky few hours after the lunation. Venus is retrograde for 40 days and dissapears from the evening sky on 16th of January 2022 to emerge again direct in the morning sky on 29th of January 2022. 

I feel that the Venus retrograde phase is connected with the Sabian symbol of the Full Moon :

" Society granting bankrupcy to him, a man leaves the court with mixed feelings".

With the redrawal from the evening sky, there may be feelings of failure along with the need to have the chance to start all over again. When Venus will rise again at the morning sky, will be that new chance. 

We all may feel this feelings of "failure" in some area of life. Something is not working as expected but the Full Moon is a chance to grab hold of hope, let go of fear and give yourself a second chance. 

"This Symbol can also show those that feel abandoned because someone has not lived up to their responsibilities. Forgiving and forgetting are both necessary. New truths will be learnt and life will turn around with a feeling of release from the regrets of the past as life becomes lighter and better. "

Moon trine Jupiter makes the Full Moon an auspicious energy to grab opportunities even with unexpected obstacles. After the rain comes the rainbow and this time the rain can be short lived. 

Chiron in Aries turns direct and the time is to keep following your vision. Be patient and focused. The steadier your gaze the more will be revealed.