Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, 19th November 2021


  "A flag is seen turning into an eagle" 

With this Full Moon you are asked to not just project but to own your own power. You may feel in this process as you are reborn, or suddenly become more motivated and inspired to carry through actions that they have previously only thought about. Watch your ideas take flight, keep a sense of modesty and, even, smile just for yourself building strength within we are still in the mysterious, veiled Scorpio season :) 

Happy Full Moon or ...  shake the monkey off your back! 

Story opens, the curtain drops and Eclipse season begins! 

On 19th of November, the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus marks the beginning of a two years story into a new phase of your life. Looking in your own birth chart where you have 27degrees Taurus can give a clue about what area of your life is lighten up to work with, change and have a strong sense of purpose. 

When the Moon and the Sun are on different sides of the Earth, a Full Moon occurs. When it is an eclipse, is coming into close contact with the South and North Node of the Moon, giving a karmic feeling to events happening around these days. 

In the next two years, there will be few lunar and solar eclipses contacting the nodes on the Taurus - Scorpio axis and, if you want to mark your calendar, please find below at the end of the article these dates * 

Being a Taurus Full Moon, Venus in Capricorn, the planet ruler, is the queen of the event. Blessed with harmonious aspects to Mars and Uranus, it brings a sense of freedom and desire to take action for what you value the most. How you stand tall, with self-respect and integrity for your values? How you act in a way bringing constructive change?


"Sometimes our light goes out/ but is blown again into flame/ by an encounter with another"

The aspect in the image of the birth map is called an "Animated Figure". Walt Disney had this in his own birth map. He was remarkably able to transform lifeless 2d images into 3d cartoon characters!

Do you see the similarity here with your life? Something gets animated, something that you before felt lifeless. With Uranus in the mix, it can dawn on you "Suddenly". It can come as a surprise when passion comes again into your life. It can indicate many things - it can be a new passion for music, painting, travelling, cooking - anything. Even if it not long lasting and the passion fades, hey, you will find a new sense of possibilities in your life- and in yourself! 


Eclipse dates: 

Lunar Eclipse: 11/19/21 - in Taurus

Solar Eclipse: 04/30/22 - in Taurus

Lunar Eclipse: 05/15/22 - in Scorpio 

Solar Eclipse: 10/25/22 - in Scorpio

Lunar Eclipse: 11/08/22 - in Taurus

Lunar Eclipse: 05/05/23 - in Scorpio

Lunar Eclipse: 10/28/23 - in Taurus

* featured photo by Johannes Plenio

* quotes text from the Sabian symbols