Solving rubik cubes or how to deal with an astrology square

What I do as an astrologer? I like to say that " I solve squares" :)) How to make two non-meeting points to cohabit. Or - how can you have a happily lifetime marriage with yourself rather than live divided between different parts of your personality. 

Now, after many years of studying astrology, I am still fascinated by the new insights that I can get from the Moon square Saturn aspect in my map. I have heard many versions about its interpretation : "lack of nurturing", "impoverished from within", " feeding from harsh realities" ...but, is it this all there is? For me, this definition seems to look at only one aspect, mostly through the voice of Saturn. 

So, seeking the solution of the Rubik cube, here it is my conclusion for now. 

First step :  square aspect in astrology is happening when you are "forced" into action - the solution? Being aware that, to get to a desired result, rolling up the sleeves and taking the action is what is needed. Nothing wrong or doomed in this. 

Second step : looking at the 2 planets, the signs and the houses that they are in. Being in square means they have different opinions ( the signs ) about how to live the life theme of each planet ( the houses ). 

For example, Saturn in Libra in the 7th takes serious the responsibility to be in a relationship/ partnership and providing for it and more . On the other side, is the Moon in Capricorn in the 11th house - she finds happiness in following her dreams or spending time alone or with some like-minded friends. Do you see also the struggle? How to have a stable foundation, give time to 7th while doing what the heart needs? Then comes ...

Third step and the most important : which one is the strongest? Who wins if a rope will be between them and physical force gives the winner? Here you will need to look at how many aspects each planet receives, their position in the house and how confortable they feel in their skin ( or the sign ). The conclusion is one is weaker, one is stronger! In a square they help each other out with effort. But the stronger comes first always and leads the way. 

In my case, Saturn is strongest and will take serious the partnership so can have rewards for the heart - with a good foundation, one can travel and follow the dreams. 

Now I encourage to take the "square" aspect in your birth chart and try to put on the paper the solution. Or, if this seems too daunting and if you like also to solve rubik cubes and you are interested in learning in-depth astrology, book one month private astrology lessons - one session/week for meeting and exploring birth charts.