Astroprinted jewellery. A meeting between Astrology and the New Age technology

I was always fascinated by art crafts, hand-made unique pieces of jewellery, believing that each one of them describes the soul of their Creator. I’ve liked and created jewellery from polymer clay, fascinated by the infinite possibilities of bringing to life the clay as pieces of earrings or pendants.

Eight years ago, I have decided to follow my passion for astrology and, after completing a foundation course with a Romanian traditional astrology school, I’ve felt that I want to understand the deeper meaning of this symbolic language. Astrological Psychology diploma course was what I was looking for because of its holistic approach and its revolutionary method of looking at a natal chart using the “senses, the eyes and the intuition”.

About in the same period, I’ve heard about 3d printing technology. Its beauty and benefits are incommensurable. With its help, great ideas and visions become reality, empowering anyone’s imagination to be put in practice. From jewellery to home decorations and clothes to ideas that solve real - world problems like prosthetics and 3d printed food are all part of this amazing industry.

Back to astrology, speaking and consulting friends about their charts, I have observed their great interest in our little game: to look at the aspect image from their chart and tell what they see with their “third eye”. The feedback was always positive and full of meaning. An idea came - what if I can offer them as a reminder of their uniqueness a piece of jewellery? We always ask new encounters “what is your sign?” but what if we can just show them the bracelet/necklace and generate an interesting conversation about planets, astrology and our role in the Universe? It can be also a great tool for raising awareness about the Huber method, about Psychological Astrology and its meaning.

I have put the already made jewellery  and other designs on the new website . The items are made from a variety of materials and colours ranging from stainless steel to silver, brass, bronze or gold. I am enthusiastic in developing this project with new models, ideals and a new collection of astrological designs ☺