New Moon in Libra October 6th

New moon Libra 13°24´, October 6th, 13:05 GMT


You find yourself repeatedly…through the other


This is not an usual New Moon in Libra. With almost all planets going in retrograde motion, it feel exhausting in our way to find clarity…as clarity didn’t came packed in the usual “New Moon kit sky offer”.


Libra New Moon is conjunct Mars and Mercury retrograde. Mars is always about “let’s go” energy while Mercury is all about “stop, we need to change our plans”. Do you also sense the butterfly effect here? Something wants to stand up from the chrysalis phase, to be born anew. And something in the life of each of us became outdated and non-acceptable anymore.


The energy of Mars helps us by moving forward while Mercury is guiding us to go slowly, to be adaptable to different choices that we might make and remake until Mercury will station direct on 18th of October. This New Moon is encouraging us to “give it a try,” to embrace the fear of new and to listen to those parts of ourselves that are saying “Yes, it is time to transform and to try innovative approaches.”


The Lunation week is great for decision making, for understanding what is best for us and where in our life we have a “not turning back signal.”


In these days, it is easy to forget our greatness, who we are and our beautiful potential.

But you know already …you are simply the best! And, please, whisper these words down this week in your morning mirror, on the foam of your morning coffee, on the lips of your lover or leave them on a paper in the park for someone like you.


“One should rest when it is time to rest and act when it is time to act”


Another aspect of the New Moon is that Mercury is inconjunct Neptune, while Moon and Mars are inconjunct Uranus. Our mental process is a constant searching for answers, resulting in overthinking, tiredness and difficult to balance life options. The final adjustment will take place only after Mercury will go direct so do not beat yourself up if you don’t find the solution yet.


“In the heat of the Noon, a man takes a siesta”


Did you find yourself more in need for sleep in the last days?

The Sabian Symbol for New Moon in Libra is reflecting what ancient sages said for long ago: before any new beginning, we need to take a step back in the silence between the thoughts. There, in the stillness of a silent hour or dream state, taking a break in the middle of busy schedules, the solutions about work and how to get things done just pops out into our horizon.


New Moon in Libra is guiding us to take time out to meditate, for a long walk on the beach, an afternoon nap to stop and to recharge batteries.