New astro session, working with Saturn and Pluto in your birth chart

Saturn and Pluto conjunction on 12th of January 2020 marked the beginning of what we call the "New World" . But what exactly Saturn conjunction Pluto represents? And how these 2 powerful planets are affecting your life? 

In this new Astrology session, we will study in-depth the meaning of Saturn and Pluto in your birth chart, their transits for this period of your life, for the past and future and how you can make the best of it. More exactly, how to squeeze lemons and make a juicy lemonade!

With both Saturn and Pluto we are in for the long haul. Once we have recognized their nature and take personal responsibility for it, we are burning bridges before us. We are doing irreversible life changes.

Through recognizing the power of Pluto in a birth chart we establish the empowerment for growth, for change, for new perspective.