About me


Pluto is the unseen one, but the caretaker of souls. The catalysts are the ones in the family who walk into a room and everyone changes. People fall in love, get divorced, give birth, die, find new vocations–all due to the ministering and presence of this person. The true nature of a catalyst acts as the transformer of others, but they themselves do not change. The intensity of their being is enough to bring out hidden aspects of others, allowing others to show parts of themselves they may not even have known existed.
It is always the catalyst that people turn to when they are in pain, in crisis or in some form of transitional state. They are the guides. However, to be truly and healthily in this role, they have to have no attachment–there has to be a degree of distance between them and the situation in which they have inadvertently found themselves implicated. They have to be particularly careful of giving advice or having strong opinions over sensitive issues, because it will backfire on them if they have allowed themselves to be caught up in the riot.
Ultimately the catalyst should walk in and out of situations unscathed. It takes time and age for this to become a safe role.
This is not always a comfortable role but it can be a very satisfying one, especially when the transformations have resulted in a stronger family system and a more honest one.
They are so scrupulously honest and have the ability to allow others around them to be the same. Their energy can be so provocative and erotic that they create a sensation of love around them, giving others the freedom to express themselves in poetic and romantic ways.