Eris. The 9th planet.

Eris. The 9th planet.
A new goddess in the sky of the astrology vocabulary. Sister in meaning with Venus and Lilith, her first name is Persephone, a strong feminist power, the catalyst, the unseen, the gatherer of wisdom from the most darkest places, its true nature being the transformer of others.
Eris influence connects with present new world events although we will see this is a sure affirmation much later on . It is still not recognized by most of the astrology world as a planet ( like Pluto, but who can still say about about Pluto that is not a planet now ? - at least not in its face...
Every new planet was discovered when important events in human history occured - synchronistically weirdLook at the last one - Pluto was discovered in 1930 when shadow energy took over the world but also, on a positive note, psychology tools to deal with it
To the greeks, Eris was the goddess of discord and strife. Called also Discordia, it was discovered in 2005, few years after the 2001, 9/11 event. Its exact conjunction with Uranus ( the freedom seeker )  took place early on 16th March 2017. 
Eris represents competitiveness, that part of ourselves where we go out into the world and want to win. Eris is in the sign Aries and, unless you are over 95 years old, when you were born, you have also Eris in Aries.
So, looking at your own birth map and seeing where you have Aries in your chart, it gives the position of Eris and also where you have a strong desire to "win at"
Currently it is in a cutting edge aspect, squaring Pluto and will be there until Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2023/2024.The square acts like a catalyst for world events.
The most important question that arise for humanity but also for You, at a personal level is :
How are you putting yourself into action with braveness, in a healthy competitive spirit rather than personal ego needs - in a way that the world will benefit also
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