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Astrological pendant. Unique print of your birth chart.


Material used:

silver natural, silver polished, or silver vermeil ( polished silver with 18k yellow gold plating )



Production & design: 3/4 weeks

Time of delivery: 10 days


I was always fascinated by art crafts, handmade unique pieces of jewelry, believing that each one of them describes the soul of their Creator.


When I decided to follow my passion for Astrology, during about the same period. I heard about 3D printing technology. Its benefits are incommensurable. With its help, great ideas and visions become reality, empowering anyone's imagination to be put into practice.


Speaking and consulting clients about their birth maps, I have observed great interest in a little imagination game that we use to play at the beginning of the sessions: to look at the aspect image of the chart and tell the story of what they see with their "third eye". The feedback was positive and full of meaning.


An idea came - what if I can offer them as a reminder of their uniqueness a piece of jewelry?


We always ask new encounters "What is your Sun sign? " but what if we can just show them the pendant and generate an interesting conversation about our meaning in the Universe?


I invite you to join the astrology jewelry project and wear your birth chart symbol as a reminder of your special qualities and potential ✨

My name is Alexa Young

Alternatively, you can choose to gift it to someone. I will make sure to be mailed to the specific address with your special message. Please write to me the complete birthday details and destination.


Testimonials about the Astrological Pendant

" I ordered my birth chart necklace as a birthday present for myself almost one year ago and I haven’t taken it off since. I had been looking for a special piece of jewelry for a while, an adornment that symbolized something beautiful, that had meaning to me. And when I heard about the birth chart necklaces, I knew that was it! I’ve been wearing my chart around my neck every day for almost a year now, and couldn’t be happier with it. I never take it off, really - I shower with it, swim in the ocean, sweat during yoga - and it still looks as great as on the day I got it. Also, my necklace came with a lovely booklet with an interpretation of my chart, carefully curated by Andrada. I was also lucky enough to have several personal astrology consultations with her, who always answered my questions in great detail and patiently cleared my doubts. She is a fantastic astrologer and such a lovely person. I fully recommend her services!"


Diana T., Lisbon, Portugal



" Wearing my very own, customer-made, UNIQUE pendant makes me feel stronger every day that I wear it. By now, I do wear it every day - there is always someone commenting on my beautiful pendant who remarks in awe how pretty it is. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and delicate, and it holds well - even after more than a year and a half of having it and wearing it all the time, it still looks great! I would definitely recommend it as a unique gift, a thoughtful idea, or simply a self-present to lift your mood at the times when you wear it! "


Ioana B., Vancouver, CN

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