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ABC OF Astrology. Learn the basics in 4 steps 

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Learn the basics of Astrology and how to interpret your birth chart

4 classes/ Learn the symbols of your birth chart/Live class &
Recorded videos

Discover each important symbol in a birth chart and learn about your potential, energies, life purpose, qualities, weaknesses , and strengths 




Astrology is a language.

Knowing this language, you know your unique energy

Through 4 online classes, you will understand how a birth chart can be read and know more about yourself by decoding the energies at the time of your birth.  With practical examples, you will learn : 

  1. how to read your life energy in terms of past, present and future 

  2. how to understand the meaning of every sign, planet in the context of a birth chart 

  3. how to interpret intuitively a birth chart 

  4. how to work with your life purpose energy  

  5. the main areas of life in the context of your place of birth 

This course makes easy to understand the language of Astrology. 

I believe that knowing how to work with Astrology can help to bring more awareness to your life choices and how the Universe works.

The structure of the 4 main classes : 

1 class : 12 astrological signs, 3 modes, 4 elements, learning to look first time a birth chart 

2 class : the most important planets and what they mean for your birth chart 

3 class : 12 astrological houses and the most important life themes in a birth chart

4 class : north node, retrograde planets, putting it all together 

Duration : Each class is 60 - 75minutes long 

Each class is recorded so you can come back to review it anytime later.

You will find that, by learning about an Astrological map, you will know answers to : 

- your style of communication 

- your love life 

- your emotional needs

- your professional gifts 

- your life purpose 

- your greatest strenghts 

Bonus class : 

Integrating the lessons and working with examples from your own birth chart, family, friends 

Learn the basics of Astrology course includes : 

  • 4 online live Zoom classes and recordings 

  • your Birth chart 

  • PDF downloads

Course is OPEN for registrations and starts 25th November, 4 pm EST.

Second class takes place December 5th, 4pm EST 


Learn the basics of Astrology and how to interpret your Birth Chart 

I look forward to support you in a journey of self - discovery!

Please note that your birthday details are needed to register for the course ( year, month, day, hour/minute and location ). 

Have questions about the course? Please write to me! :

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