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Therapy with Astrology 

Life is a journey. A successful life is likened to a soul arriving at its port of destination with inner peace intact. You are the steerperson of your life and your self - awareness is key factor in facilitating a successful journey.



Jamie Li,  San Francisco, Ca, USA

With a background in Psychological Astrology. I believe that the "physician heals himself" and that the mind is the most precious tool of humanity. In the past years, I have discovered that most people have the same questions and concerns: love, career, health, and life purpose. I have met clients from different walks of life and the basic need is the same: to be happy and to better understand how to make life decisions. 

Most of the time, the sessions transformed into a therapy talk where I did most of the talking rather than a traditional therapy meeting, explaining the solutions I saw in the birth map. 

But, sharing my astrological knowledge often didn't leave much room or too little for a conversation. And, this is vital for tackling life issues. 

In these therapy sessions, you will be the one leading the conversation. And I will be an observer of your stories -  thoughts - emotions and put them in an astrological context. 

In this way, we can see patterns that are Uniquely yours. 

Therapy with Astrology is a personal project meant to help you navigate your life by looking within. 

Structure: we will meet once/month for a period of 3 months. Each session has 90 minutes. In all sessions, we will look at your life issues, your past, and your future using Psychological Astrology. 


To prepare for the session, I will encourage you to write me a few introductory words about yourself and your life. 


Looking forward to be with you!  

* when booking, you will be directed to choose a time/date best for the first session. For the following two sessions, you will receive a new calendar link. 


Katie Lawrence, Porto, Portugal 

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