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Moon stories 

Full Moon Meditations ✨

Let-s celebrate each day of the month when the Moon completes its cycle and we take time to show gratefulness to Life, to Love, and to Faith in the cosmic universal flow 




Full Moon meditations are times to show gratefulness, to release emotions, thoughts, and actions that are not serving our Higher purpose. Full Moon Day is celebrated since the beginning of time. People were staying awake at night to dance around the fire as the night was not so dark and energies were heightened. 

Astrologically, Full Moon happens each month in a different zodiacal sign, the sign that is opposite the one the Sun sign. Depending on your birth chart, you can feel stronger its influence in some months rather than others. 

Full Moons are considered sacred days when Earth energies are stronger than usual. We may feel the need to be connected with others, with humanity and it is recommended to not be alone at these times. 

In 2019, I have held the whole year every 2 weeks a Full and New Moon gathering at a sacred yoga shala in Portugal. I have learned how to hold space in these days of the month and how the power of ceremony can transform daily lives. 


I invite you to celebrate together each month the Full Moon cosmical time! 

What we will do :

1. guided Full Moon Meditation followed by Yoga nidra. I recommend to have prepared candles, a blanket and to be in a cozy secure space.

2. I will share with the you the most important energies of the Moon ( if you wish, you can open up and speak about your own life while we try to make light using the energy of the Full Moon and astrological insights ). 

3. Even if you can not be present at the time of the Meditation, you will receive a recording to listen to it in your own time. 

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