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About me 

Hello, dear ones! I am a passionate professional Astrologer with over 13 years of expertise, gaining after studying 4 years a Diploma in Astrological Psychology and self-educated in traditional, Vedic astrology, numerology, esoteric astrology, and Human Design.

I love sharing my knowledge with others because I believe that we really can become the best version of ourselves as long as we are aware of our qualities and potential!

I will offer the astrology session online, giving you access after our meeting to your birth map. 

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My personal story

       I was maybe not even 2 years old. I had a blue curtain in my room with yellow moons on it. I remember the feeling of being dizzy and disoriented like after a long journey into space. But it was too late to remember what was in space ... because, after birth, we forget...

       I was always so fascinated by the great mysteries of life. I always felt like a stranger in a strange land or a visitor.  I believe there is another world out there, my real home... our home and that is inner peace and a total connection with the Universe.

       I grew up in Romania, a country where being an Astrologer is not a serious profession, in fact, not a profession at all!  I followed a traditional public education system which I found boring and grey.  I attended a private law University in my natal city, Sibiu, where I graduaded with a Bachelor's degree although I sadly realized, in the first year, that is not what I want to pursue when I finish. 

       At 21, I decided to be an independent entrepreneur and opened a boutique shop called " Mystic Art" selling perfumed candles and other hand-made artisanal products. The most important lesson from that life period was learning how to work with people from all different walks of life. 

       At 29, I had a breakthrough during my Saturn return. I finally came out as a lesbian and moved to Bucharest to embrace an authentic Self-lifestyle. 

      At this time, I was the main distributor for a hand - made jewelry company. I had a lot of satisfaction in my work and, probably I would have continued until forever, if the pressure to achieve more and the line of the jewelry business changing against my values, made me give up. 

      In 2015, I had a burnout. I decided it was time to take a pause. A very long pause. Of going inward and choosing a spiritual path. 

      Back then,  Astrology was a hobby. I had invested in a computer astrology program and was fervently reading astrology books. I did not have a mentor or YouTube tutorials to follow. 

      Because I have liked always the psychological approach discovered in Liz Greene's books. I decided to choose the Huber school of astrology. It had an affordable fee and my assigned tutor wrote the most encouraging message  : 


      " Welcome, Andrada. I am glad you have chosen to invest in something that makes your heart sing! ".


      It gave me wings. I feel we all should get this message at some point in our lives! 

      Since then, my life purpose began. It was a conscious choice, not a fated one.

      In the time that I was learning for the course, during 2015 - 2019, I gave as many readings as I could get - from friends to acquaintances, to different clients that were willing to receive my knowledge. 


      In January 2020, I have finished the Diploma course. I moved to sunny Portugal. Not long after, Covid hit and with a twist of luck, I began a 3 - years journey of having hundreds of readings through the Airbnb online experience platform.

      I have learned by practice how to answer big life questions through the lens of astrology, how to be a therapist more than an astrologer, and how to bring insights and insightfully apply my learned knowledge. 

       I have learned how to hold space for fun team-buildingin  events.

       I have learned how to laugh this moment and in the next to hold space for grief. 

       I believe that we can truly become the best version of ourselves as long as we are aware of our truest potential. 

Looking forward to working with you! 

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